Company certified

UNI EN 9100:2009 / EN 9100:2009
UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 / ISO 9001:2008


BOEING D1-4426 (D6-55902)

The Management System for Quality, designed and implemented according to the international standard EN 9100, is an instrument of business organization recognized by all stakeholders in the aerospace sector and allows you to:
– operate in order to prevent risks, defining an appropriate control system
– rule all the internal processes of the organization, with particular reference to design and manufacturing processes
– achieve organizational improvements and cost reduction through the value chain
– ensure the reliability and compliance of aerospace products in accordance with the contractual requirements
The certification of the management system according to the standard EN 9100, for which Cermet is one of the 7 accredited certification institutes in Italy, is a basic prerequisite to obtain the approval of the leading manufacturers of fixed and rotary wing aircrafts, nationwide and world-wide.

The NADCAP certification is the top award for the quality system and processes within aeronautical.